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Comet Enterprises (UK) Limited, an UK company, founded over 40 years ago, with the purpose of bridging business opportunities between the United Kingdom and the Persian Gulf. With a registered office in both regions, Comet has been facilitating and encouraging cross border business for decades.
Comet is primarily a consultancy and representational organisation and from its inception in 1972, Comet has focused on the key market sectors requiring new technologies, advisory services and innovation.
Our primary areas of activity today are Energy (Fossil fuels, Power Generation & Renewables), Aviation & Marine. Comet has acquired a deep knowledge of understanding the methods & procedures of both Middle Easterner & Western organisations & practices.
The senior management team, staff members and its affiliates have wide technical and professional experience in full project management, marketing & sales support and finance capture capabilities.


Comet Enterprises

Comet Enterprises

Dr. Reza Molavi (Chairman and Founder)

Founded Comet Enterprises over 40 years ago and has been the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of this entity since its inception, in 1975.


Reza Molavi was the Executive Editor of The Iranian Journal of National Interest, and a Senior Research Associate at The Centre for Strategic Research – a unit of the Expediency Council of Iran. From 2003- 2010, he was the Editor-in-Chief of SGIA News, a newsletter published by the School of Government and International Affairs (SGIA) at Durham University, England. Dr. Molavi was the Executive Director of the Centre for Iranian Studies, at Durham University in the U.K. from 2005-2010.


While at Durham, Reza completed his PhD on the Privatization of the Oil and Gas industry in Iran. He received his BBA in Economics and Management from The University of Central Oklahoma, in the United States.

Our News feed

Comet provides a weekly bulletin of Iran business news from the world's leading publications. Our weekly news aggregator provides our clients and associates with the most relevant and up to date news snapshots. Furthermore, our media team source and provide scanned clippings direct from the country's top publications and broadsheets.

To get access to this service, please contact us on - info@comet-ir.comOur News feed

The US and the Iran Nuclear Deal: Rejoining Is Wiser than Destroying

One year ago, on 8 May 2018, President Donald Trump announced that the United States would cease compliance with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the nuclear agreement struck in July 2015 by the United States and Iran, along with China, France, Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom and the European Union. President Trump has argued […]

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