Legal Advisory Services (LAS)

Legal Advisory Services (LAS)

Comet Enterprises has a leading international legal team in Iran.

Iran represents an important frontier market with significant opportunity for companies in search of growth through acquisition or capital investment. There is potential for early movers to secure attractive projects and capitalise on a government eager to capture foreign investment and know-how at a time when investment in the sector is difficult.

Our legal team brings together specialist lawyers from across our global network, to advise our clients with interests in Iran, and guides their clients across the network on matters to do with Iran.

This approach is particularly important given the lifting of sanctions pursuant to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action agreed on 14 July 2015 and implemented on 16 January 2016, which presents an opportunity for many foreign investors to enter the Iranian market.

In this rapidly changing climate, our approach is to methodically collect and collate information, speaking with our contacts in Iran, to be able to rapidly pass on our knowledge of updates to the sanctions regime and business environment to our clients.

In particular we have been a leading force in the Iranian oil and gas sphere, having advised international clients on a broad range of transactions relating to the development and commercialisation of Iranian oil and gas projects as well as secondary M&A deals.

We have also been advising international corporations on their Iranian disputes, sanctions issues and risk advisory matters, including providing strategic advice on mitigating and managing business risks, both before and during the implementation of Iranian sanctions. We have witnessed the evolving landscape of legal and commercial risks in relation to Iran, and have assisted numerous international corporations on navigating their businesses with respect to the application of Iranian sanctions.

We are confident we can assist your business adapt to the changing commercial landscape post Iranian sanctions.

No matter where you are we will guide you throughout your transaction, making it as easy as practically possible.

We can assist you with:

Property transactions,

Finance and refinance

Structuring and implementation of offshore companies and trusts,

Tax advice

Litigation advice

Employment advice

Immigration advice

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